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Barry McComic’s personal history in the real estate development business spans over forty years. After practicing law in New York and California for ten years, McComic became the President of Avco Community Developers, INC., a publicly-held company, and the master developer of the 6800-acre planned community of Rancho Bernardo in San Diego and the 8,000-acre planned community of Laguna Niguel on the coast in Orange County. After a 12-year tenure with Avco, McComic formed his own group of real estate development companies, commencing with R.B. McComic, INC. That company, together with its financial partners, purchased the bulk of real estate formerly owned by Avco and continued to pursue the development of these properties and other properties in the United States, as well as several foreign countries. Some of the signature properties for which McComic was personally responsible for the design and development of operation were the following:

  1. 600-acre industrial park at Rancho Bernardo;
  2. 9 different golf courses and club houses in 6 different masterplanned communities;
  3. 4 world-class hotels, including the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Laguna Nigel;
  4. Over 40,000 residential houses and lots in numerous different states;
  5. Over 1 million square feet of commercial/retail space in Southern California
  6. Over 1 million square feet of commercial

Finally, McComic has had a significant history in international development. RBMC has had an office in Shanghai, China for many years. McComic’s most significant project in China with respect to which he is acting as a Managing Advisor is Nanbei Lake, a 3,000-acre planned residential/recreational community near Shanghai. McComic has also been actively involved in various aspects of the design of Disney World Shanghai, including acting as Managing Director of Studio Shanghai, the master planner of the non-gated facilities at that project.

In addition to McComic’s history as a developer, he is also admitted to practice law in New York and California, and is an active member of the Bar in those states

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